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Cookware in Aluminium

Datum objave: 8. julij 2022

* Non-Stick cookware products in pure aluminium (casserole, pans, wok, cake/bake moulds, etc.) * Aluminium disks * Aluminium roll
Cookware in Aluminium
Hello, We are a cookware and aluminium discs/roll production company in Turkey. We are a company that believes "cookware should also be works of art as well as that cooking" and interested in working with Slovenian companies. We, Papilla, specialize in innovative products and they can all be found in our catalog. We are located in Istanbul Turkey and have a production capacity of 2.5 million units per month. Because we are a vertically integrated factory, our production range is diverse and of high quality. Therefore, %60 of our production is exported to corporate clients around the world. Further, we have our own mold shop, our sister company in the same location produces all of our discs. We have all the certificates for quality standards in Europe and the USA. We also have an office in New York. In order to access more detailed information about our company, we recommend that you visit Papilla’s websites listed below. Our catalog : https://www.papillacookware.com/pages/catalog Our factory websites: http://alcomin.com www.papilla.com.tr Our retail website: www.papillacookware.com Please contact me if you have any questions. Best Regards, Ms. Nejla AKBABA


AL-CO Alüminyum Bakir ve Madencilik San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Nejla Akbaba
Istoç Istanbul Toptancilar Çarşisi 16. Ada Sonu – Aslan Plaza Kat:4 Bagcilar
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